Introducing MUGS!

Hey guys, just dropping off the blog post of the month, tonight. I have some exciting news to announce, as you may be able to tell from the title of the post, I’ve officially introduced Coffee Mugs to the product line!

Starting today, I’ll be adding more mugs to the store as time goes on. Here's one though!

This is just the beginning, guys and gals. I love making mugs. I’m addicted and I just can’t stop. These are going to be dropping like crazy until I’m comfortable with the amount of different mugs I’m offering.

September Recap & October News

So, you guys have been INSANE. I can’t even believe the amount of orders, and just overall support, I’ve been getting since the beginning of August. I’m doing my very best to get orders out to you within 1-2 days turnaround.  I’ve been working full time, and going to school full time while keeping up with everything SnooozeWorks entails, so it’s been a very crazy couple months.


BUT! While I still go to school full time, I am now jumping into SnooozeWorks FULL TIME! I am leaving my current job (for a multitude of reasons) and am putting my full attention (outside of school) into this. So I’m hoping to be able to bring you more products, better products, and hopefully some stuff you’ll want to buy!

Wrap It Up, Dude

Honestly, this whole thing has been crazy and I can’t believe the support I’ve gotten from everyone. So THANK YOU. Whether you bought something, or favorited a listing, or messaged me for custom orders or just to say you liked my stuff. If you’ve liked anything on Instagram or Facebook. Just EVERYONE. Thank you all, so so much. You’re the best.

Until next time, my friends,


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