Post Holiday Updates

Well, hey! Things have been super crazy around here since the Black Friday, pretty much. I was insanely busy, compared to what I expected to be for the Christmas season, but everything went fairly smoothly and I'm shocked with the support I received throughout the month. So thank you to everyone who ordered, messaged, favorited, or shared anything the last month and a half. It's been beyond my wildest expectations, you guys are great!

This month, you'll notice all new product photography across every product. This allowed me to add a watermark to all my listings pictures, as I had some issues with product theft over Christmas. It also cleared up any inconsistencies in pictures, so it was just a basic facelift for the listings!

New Products

I'm bulking up on decals and mugs this month. You can check some of them out below with links to the products for more information on them. I'm expanding into a few other games with the new products. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Overwatch are the two main expansions to the product line.


Future Pipeline

Moving forward, I'm looking at some new things to get added to the line. First on my list, I'm in the process of designing and testing Ceramic Coasters. These will be heat pressed, and permanent coaster solutions, much like the coffee mugs. My initial line will be sets of four coasters, related to each other, of course. I'll be looking to introduce these in the coming weeks, but I'd say be on the lookout for them in each February.

In addition to coasters, I'll be continuing to bulk up the listings for decals and mugs, while cleaning out some listings that just don't gain enough traction. Certain listings that disappear, may reappear at a later date, but there is no guarantee of that, so if you see something you like, it would be safe bet to grab it soon, and things may start vanishing from the store.

Crossing the Finish Line (finally..)

Alright guys. Like I said, I really appreciate the support and all the love I've gotten from everyone in the last few months. It's been crazy, but good crazy. Hopefully the next few months will be just as awesome and I can keep making and shipping you guys some cool stuff! Keep an eye out for the new stuff, and I'll be here if you need anything. Shoot me a message on Etsy, or email, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (almost always within 24 hours). Love you guys!

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