AK-47 Vulcan


One of the most popular weapon skins in CS, the Vulcan. 

Hang it on your wall. Prop it up against the desk. Leave it in the mailing tube and forget about it for a year, then find it and be like, "Oh shit, this is sweet! Lets hang this up!" Before promptly forgetting about it again. But then one day, you find it in the attic, and you remember CSGO fondly ( ayy lmao ) and decide to boot up Counter-Strike: Call of Duty Super Futuristic Crazy High Jumping Halo Corner Camping Offensive. You play a game. The Vulcan AK is still popular. You feel vindicated in your purchase and finally hang that poster on the wall of your VR only super crazy gaming room like in that Gerard Butler movie, Gamer? Maybe. I don't know. 

Do you want all this to happen to you? Well it can.

◈ Heavyweight 260 GSM Fine Art Photo Paper
High-Quality Print with Resin-Coated Satin Finish.
◈ Professional Canon Lucia Pro Archival Ink System.
◈ All prints are made-to-last and ready to be framed.
◈ Designed and handmade, with love, in New Hampshire, USA

All product photography is used for display purposes only.

Ships within 24-48 hours.


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