Five Easy Tips for Choosing Wall Art

1. Choose pieces that make YOU happy

Sometimes, choosing artwork can be simple. You may see something online that just jumps at you, or something in a store that you just simply want. Other times, you're decorating a new house and you've done so many rooms that they're all just blending into each other.

There's always one simple rule to keep in mind. Choose pieces that make you happy. Easy as pie. The other rules, like picking neutral colors for your furniture or quiet colors for your flooring, are out the window. Make some eccentric choices for your wall art, really let your imagination wander.

2. Look for unique pieces of art

Sure, it can be easy to go to Walmart and buy cheap reproductions of posters, or generic artwork, but there's nothing like knowing none of your friends or relatives have the same poster in their room. Whether you want to become a collector of high-end artwork, or are only looking for one centerpiece for your home, the internet has become a wonderful tool to find the unique, eye-catching pieces that will really make your home stand out during that next dinner party, or get together.

Here's a touch of self-promotion. Take a quick look around SnooozeWorks to get plenty of ideas for unique pieces of art that you can be proud to own. While we don't sell one-off originals, we aren't sold at any major retailers, the only place you can get a print from us is directly through the website. Okay, no more promotion, back to the tips!

3. Consider the room you're decorating

It's important to recognize which room you're planning on hanging a piece in. Whether it's an expensive painting or an inexpensive poster, the room you choose to hang it in will make all the difference. 

  • Do you want the art to become part of the wall -- or do you want it to pop?
  • Is there a mood you're trying to create for that room?
  • Does the room have lots of furniture? You may select a smaller piece that can hang higher on the walls so it isn't covered.

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4. Choose sizes properly

You can find wall art from tiny, tiny pictures to wall-sized murals. It's important to consider the message you want to send with each piece. For instance, if you're looking to hang a piece in the kitchen, you may not want that huge Fortnite poster. You'll, more likely, want a small piece, like a hanging plant, or geometric wall art that adds a bit of depth to the space.

Decorating a gaming room? Now we're talking posters. That Fortnite poster from earlier; this is the room for it. Perhaps above your computer monitor, you could consider adding a selection of three to four smaller framed posters. Any posters between 8"x10" and 11"x17" work wonderfully in this scenario.

5. Hang your artwork with care

Many factors go into getting the best look for your new piece of art. Height, Lighting, Framing, Security and Location are all important factors to consider. A perfect piece of artwork can have it's value diminished with poor lighting, being crooked or out of place, or simply falling off the wall!

  • A piece of art should be centered around 60" off the floor, roughly average eye height.
  • If you're hanging above furniture, leave a little space between the bottom of the piece and the top of the couch.
  • Even for posters, framing makes a huge difference. Select a frame with a thin border, in either black or white, to upscale any poster or illustration.
  • Lighting is important. Make sure the area you hang your new artwork in isn't a dim corner or having a shadow cast on it. Natural lighting is best, but not always available, so take the time to select proper lighting for the entire room to help really bring any artwork to life.

That's it! Keep these five tips in mind when you hang your new poster to make it pop and you'll be a master of interior design in no time. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to pin for later!

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