November Update

   We've flown through a month since our last update and it's been a pretty good one, all things considered. We're shooting to release these posts during the middle of each month, rather than the beginning or end. This allows us to touch on things happening all month, rather than just hopes or wrapping up. Over the last month you've seen a few things from us, mainly the Product Launch: Stickers article we released last week! Stickers have been a ton of fun for us to design and produce and we'd love for you to read through that post if you haven't had a chance yet. The coming weeks are going to be busy around here and we couldn't be more excited for all of your orders, reviews, messages, just all of it! ​

   This is one of our favorite months at SnooozeWorks. You end October with Halloween movies and candy, fly through November to Thanksgiving, and then scoot right into December with the Christmas season. You don't get much more exciting that that. Two months of family, friends, good food and good moods! From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get lots of turkey, potatoes, turnips, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, and more!

   As I alluded to a bit earlier, the Holiday season is fast upon us and you know what that means, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! You may have seen the countdown on the home page and been directed here, or you may have stumbled upon this blog post by other means, either way, you're finding out what our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are going to be, right now!

Black Friday Deals ​

   Starting at 12:00 am EST on Black Friday (November 27), we'll be running a 96-hour long, 30% off deal sitewide! This means everything including patent posters, pop culture poster, gaming posters, vinyl decals, coffee mugs, and stickers. This deal will be live from Midnight on Black Friday until 11:59 pm EST on Monday (November 30). Simply add the products to your cart, head to checkout and put the promo code:


   It doesn't get much better than that. We're a small shop, located in a small town. We don't have a brick-and-mortar, though one is in our plans that got pushed back because of Covid-19. Offering huge discounts like this is a stretch for us, but 2020 has been trash for so many people, and so hard of everyone else, so we want to give you guys the best possible pricing as a thank you for riding it out with us. The Holiday Season is our busiest time of year, and we want to make sure we can help bring a smile to someone's face on Christmas morning, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Maybe you're just buying for yourself, and that's dope. You deserve it. 

Other Happenings

    There isn't too much going on around here for new stuff. We pushed out new stickers before the holiday season and that was our only immediate goal. With that accomplished, we've move into the busier time of year and all our efforts are going toward creating, packing, and shipping all of your favorite products. It'll remain this way through the end of the year and into January 2021, but once we wind down we have some pretty big plans for the new year. We'll get to those in another post though. No need to spoil the surprise so early!

​    We do have one quick note regarding Holiday Shipping to pass along. Our cut-off date for Christmas Delivery is December 18th for First Class Shipping and December 19th for Priority Shipping. International Shipping is December 7th in most cases, but please email us first prior to ordering if it's a planned to be a gift. We try our best to get things out on time, or ahead of schedule in most cases, but the Holidays are a crazy time for both us, and USPS. We highly recommend not waiting until the very last minute. Unfortunately, things can go missing or be delayed in transit, so leave yourself enough time to get it sorted out!

   ​ Well, that's all we have for you this month. Nothing too crazy. Just getting prepared for the holidays. Hopefully you're excited about our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, we know we're pretty jazzed. It's going to be a good month, and December will be even better! Then, we're bursting out of 2020 like a room on fire and crossing our fingers that 2021 will be better for everyone, everywhere! Don't forget to check out our other blog posts, especially out Sounds of the Studio series that features our Top 5 most played songs of the week in our shop, including an updated Spotify playlist you can bring with you! Until next time!

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