Spooky October Update

      BOO! Hi, there! This year has been pretty crazy for everyone, and we're no exception here at SnooozeWorks. You guys have all been awesome, so things haven't changed too much around here. We've dealt with logistical issues pretty much all year, with USPS falling behind, difficulties getting supplies in a normal timely fashion and any other manner of thing you think could go a little sideways. Through it all, the vast majority of our customers have remained patient and have been able to bear with us through these uncertain times, and for that we thank you sincerely.

     In October, we launched Stickers, which is something we've been looking into doing for a while now. Quite a few of our print designs look great on stickers and we have a few of them stuck around the shop on machines, laptops, and the like. So, we figured it was time to bring them to you guys. They're super high-quality vinyl, outdoor-rated (indoor preferred) stickers for a variety of designs, with more on the way. We'll be putting up another blog post specific to the new sticker lineup in the coming days. You can check a couple of them out below, or follow the link to see the rest of them.

Apex Legends R-99 Sticker Apex Legends - R-99 Illustration Sticker


    Looking forward, we're headed into the Holiday Season and an unpredictable one at that. Shipping is normal with no delays, as of October 26th. A little early perhaps, but we've set a Christmas cutoff date of December 19th. If you want your orders guaranteed by Christmas Eve you'll need to place them by December 19th at 2pm EST. We're ahead of the curve here, so you have plenty of time to place your orders and get ready for the holidays!

     As you may have noticed, we've been working through a full website overhaul. Doing this while the website was still live has been a challenge, but hopefully you haven't noticed any disruptions; if you have, this is why! All of our product photography has been updated and optimized, leading to faster loading times, especially for mobile users. All our product listings have been streamlined, with titles and descriptions being updated to be more descriptive for a better shopping experience. Each page (ie: Our Story, Returns, FAQ, Contact) has been given a massive facelift, and our FAQ section has been expanded to include some of the more popular recently asked questions. We'll be continuing to work on some stuff around here, but the major overhaul process is in the touch-up stages, and you shouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary going forward!

     Well, that's about it for this monthly update. You guys are awesome and we can't say that enough, but thank you! If you have any comments for us, either leave them below or shoot us a message. We'll drop our next monthly update in mid-November as we gear up for the very special Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that we'll be featuring. In the meantime, enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas, scary movies, and tons of candy! We'll see you soon!

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