Product Launch: Stickers

   Hi, there! We're in the process of launching a new product line, and we want you to be the first to know about it! You may have noticed the "Stickers Collection" listed in the navigation menu, and maybe you already figured out we're rolling out, but that's what it is! Cat's out of the bag! We're going to do a little product focus here for you guys, so you know what to expect from these stickers, their designs, and quality.

Design Process

     Many of our stickers are vector illustrations that are also available in poster form throughout the website. You can view all the Illustrations here. Many of these illustrations focus on popular weapons from video games released over the last couple of decades. Honestly, these are a blast to create, and the posters have been a big hit with our customers. We wanted a way to offer these in a new form, at a low price point, to allow you guys to use them in different ways. Stickers seemed like the logical choice.

     Not all of our stickers are vector illustrations, though. We'll be including some of our more popular designs, such as a few of our Rick and Morty and CSGO posters may be getting into the action. The most important aspect of any of our designs is quality, so each design will go through a redesign and testing process to work as a sticker, rather than just slapping the design on a sticker. It's a requirement that they look great, not just good. We won't sell them if we won't use them, so the design process is a little bit longer than it otherwise could be.

Quality Assurance

     On the topic of quality, these stickers are custom-made, die-cut beauties. They're created using a professional printing and lamination process that ensures our stickers will last indoors and outdoors. Each sticker is made of Premium White Polypropylene Film, with high-quality permanent adhesive. They each feature a top layer of Polyethylene-Terephthalate Laminate with UV screening that protects from weather and sunlight.

   Of course, not many sticker materials can last outside forever, but ours are guaranteed for a minimum of three full years. The stickers are rated between 2-4 years, so we landed in the middle, but they should absolutely last longer. If your sticker is destroyed by the elements (rain, snow, sleet, or sun), take a photo of it, send it to us and we'll replace it. Free of charge. We're pretty confident that these babies will look great wherever you put them, last a long time indoors or outdoors, and continue to look like they're brand new the entire time.


     Our plan is to release our stickers in pseudo-batches. We released the first batch at the beginning of November and the second batch is coming up soon. You can purchase them all on the website, right now, and the orders have certainly been rolling in, and we'll ship them as soon as they are ready to go. Each product has an 'Estimated Ship Date' in the description, so you'll know when to expect them to head out.

     Over the upcoming few months, we'll be packaging some of our stickers into 'Sticker Packs' at a discounted price. If you take a look at our selection, you can confidently assume it'll be based on the Games the stickers are from. Think Apex Legends Pack, Call of Duty Pack, Fortnite Pack, PUBG Pack, Valorant Pack. We'll be doing some research into different sticker counts and price points to see what you guys will like the most, but for now, we're thinking four stickers for around $10.

     Alright, SnooozeWorks, this is cool, but how much are they? We're excited to be able to offer stickers at a very low price. $3.50 per sticker. This price is valid for the initial launch window, but there's a good chance that won't be changing anytime soon. To go along with the low-cost, we're offering a tracking-free shipping option for just $0.99 for each shipment of stickers. They'll still ship USPS First-Class, but dropping the tracking number cuts the cost about 66%, and we'll pass that onto you.

Wrap It Up

     Alright, alright, that's all we've got for you. Hopefully, you have a little bit better of an idea of the quality and inspirations of our newest product line. If you were on the fence about grabbing any of them, don't even hesitate. They do not disappoint. We've got them all over the shop and they look great and hold up to all the daily abuse we throw at them. Thanks for sitting in on our Ted Talk and we'll talk to you soon.

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