D20 Dice


Original Coffee Mug featuring the technical patent for the D20 dice from your favorite tabletop game, Dungeons and Dragons, or a variety of others! Designed and patented in 1999 by Maurice Daniel, David J Pristash, et al.

This mug is sure to impress with high-quality ceramic and exceptional details. An absolutely PERFECT GIFT for friends, family, brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers, mothers or any other tabletop gamer out there! A great addition to your morning coffee routine!

◈ Choose from two sizes -- 11oz and 15oz
High-Quality Ceramic with Glossy finish.
◈ Graphic is present on both sides of the mug.
◈ Dishwasher (Hand Wash Recommended) and Microwave safe.
◈ Designed and handmade, with love, in the USA.

Ships within 24-48 hours.

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